It is no secret that over 51% of African women are abused by their partners according to a United Nation report, and over 50% of such women are eventually murdered, battered and silenced by the so called husband; this percentage is exceptionally high and more than twice the average in any other developing country.



What if as an African woman, you could wake up every day…

and do exactly what you want- anything you want- with your life, with all the joy, fulfilment and inspiration you’ve ever dreamed of?

Guess what…YOU CAN!

AND without a shred of obligation, guilt or nagging frustration.

Buky Orija Happy

That’s exactly what living in harmony, on purpose and in alignment with the universal laws looks like.

It might sound too good to be true – but just think…you know of people just like this, and that’s how you also know that YOU can be one of them.

There’s no secret to success, there are principles that when understood, mastered and applied will change your life forever.

Buky Orija

You are where you are today because of:

Your thoughts, your actions and your results. In order to create your desired life: Your thoughts and Your Actions must change, consciously create and master your habitual behaviour to get the desired results.

Have you ever found yourself thinking ‘How did I get here? What has brought me to where I am at this moment?’

And if you think you’ll get to where you want by chance, think again.

Think about this:

You know your personal relationship is not aligned to your desired expectation, you are feeling distressed, living a nightmare, masking, faking, coping with different adapted mechanisms (distracting, denying, delaying), wishing and hoping, waiting for someone to change before you can experience joy.

However, you are pretending to the rest of the world painting the picture that all is well, but the reality is YOU are in pain, which is sapping and draining your energy. You are unable to focus, feeling stuck and helpless because you are not dealing with the real issues.

It’s your responsibility to work through your feelings and learn how to feel differently. It’s your attitude that causes you to feel distressed and powerless not those of your spouse.

Ready to move on?
…And create the life -any life- you really want…

… to achieve your goals.
… that gives you fulfilment deep inside your being.
… and know and master the KEY to lifelong success – in every area of your life.
… which gives you more confidence in who you are and what you’re capable of.
… then, change your story, change your life.

If that is YOU, i’m here to serve and support you to Create and Attract Real Success through our coaching program.

This program is perfect for you, as an African woman, if you’ve ever said anything like:

“I deserve to be loved, want more out of life, but don’t know what to do.”
“I have goals, but they seem so far away.”
“I have a lot of good ideas, but never follow through with them.”
“I feel like I was meant for more, I was meant to do great things.”
“I’m stuck.”
“I don’t even know what I want; I just know I want more.”
“I struggle to stay focused and constantly procrastinate.”

In my coaching relationship with Buky, emotionally, spiritually and academically she cleans my septic wounds. Gladly, she serves others and fills broken hearts with joy. She discovers and nurtures the untapped potentials in others. To the Glory of the almighty God, she worked me out of a moribund relationship.

Dr. Abimbola Adesile Badmus

Working with Buky as my coach during life crisis when my marriage ended unexpectedly was great at a time when I felt like a victim and could not do anything for myself. She helped me to regain my power, shift my energy, take responsibility and action to move on in life. I was able to move myself up from being homeless to house owner in 30 months and above all I’m in a better marriage with a caring and loving husband. It’s a big difference from stressful and abusive relationship to a loving and romantic one. I now live happily with my husband. Thank you Buky for helping to tap into my potentials.
Thank you.

Titi Mende

As a student, listening to a lecture about life coaching, my life had not been the same since I had the opportunity. The reason being that;

1. I am more aware of whom I am now that I’m a human being on a purpose not just existing.
2. I learnt to take responsibility for my actions that is, I can be whatever I set my mind out to be without apologising to anyone.
3. Am able to channel my energy better because during the class we learnt about the different types of energies.
4. I no longer bottle my emotions I can easily express myself in a very polite and clear manner.
5. I have a new outlook on life I don’t let issues that I can’t help bother me again.

This is my honest view after I attended a 5hours presentation on life coach by Mrs Orija over a period of 3days workshop. And with the experience, I am likely to hire a life coach in future.
Thank you.

Mrs Folake Akinfenwa

It’s your responsibility to SPEAK OUT, take control of your life and your happiness right now and get all the support needed, It’s YOUR LIFE.

You don’t have to figure it out alone…that is why I am here to serve and help you. I have created a system called “STAND OUT and SHINE” to help and support YOU in your new journey. If that is YOU, ready to own your life, click here.

Remember, “Abuse thrives in SILENCE”.