Hi, I am Buky Orija

Your Life and Divorce coach

Your new friend for a better life


If you are like many people, going through life, knowing you could have more, but unsure of how to get it. You know that you have greater potential and you long for a better life; spending countless hours thinking and searching.

However, you are frustrated because nothing seems to answer your questions! You know within you that you have aspiration and a burning desire to get more out of life.

About Me

I’m Buky Orija.

Your Divorce Coach and Friend

I know what it’s like to have a false face, that is, the only one you show to the world. I know what it is like to hide behind church activities, to cloak and pretend, to keep my voice hidden, silenced. I understand what it is like to be confused, constrained, suppressed, and to truly believe that’s where I belonged and what I deserved. Because I was in an abusive marriage.

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Ready to move on?
…And create the life (any life) you really want…

It’s your responsibility to SPEAK OUT, take control of your life and your happiness right now and get all the support needed, It’s YOUR LIFE.

You don’t have to figure it out alone…that is why I am here to serve and help you. I have created a system called “STAND OUT and SHINE” to help and support YOU in your new journey. If that is YOU, ready to own your life, click here.

Remember, “Abuse thrives in SILENCE”.