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Life and Divorce Coach

I am Buky Orija, your Life and Divorce Coach.
Divorce is an event no one ever wishes, however its one of the best options to own back your life and love yourself.
I have discovered that most people initiating a divorce only consider the legal cost and physical separation without taking on board the emotions and feelings that are associated with divorce.
This makes them become so stressful and lethargy, with victimisation and feelings of fears, anger, hate, doubts, grieve and sense of loss.
Many end up losing their confidence and left with low self esteem.
However, when the only option is divorce and if carefully planned, with right strategies and right mind frame, your outcome will be a powerful you, stronger to step into your freedom and realised your dreams and love yourself more.
As your divorce coach, i have created system to support and help you navigate life better and clearly during and after divorce.
With this system, if implemented, you achieve your goals and dreams faster and better, which eventually saves you more time and money to focus on things that are more important to you.
I have the skills and experiences, i spent almost three years in court during my divorce, unprepared emotionally and i understand the feelings of loneliness and self doubt during those period. You don’t have to go same route when you have options of support that can get you results quicker and less expensive.
Feel free to book your 60 minutes free consultation here!

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