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Speak Out and Shine: 10 Reasons Why You Can Leave Your Abusive Relationship is the perfect book for any woman who feels trapped in a toxic relationship.

According to statistics, 70% of women worldwide experience some form of physical or sexual abuse by a significant other at some point in their lives. These figures do not even include emotional abuse, which damages a staggering number of women each year.

Buky’s training and experience have made her an expert coach. Here, she uses her knowledge to impart valuable advice to women who are being mistreated, humiliated and intimidated and who may not feel they are worthy of better treatment.

Many women do not even know what abuse entails, and can’t figure out don’t know what loving and romantic relationships look like and Buky describes the different forms of abuse in this book, as well as the reasons some women find it difficult to change things or leave.

She then gives the reader the reasons women can leave the relationship and advice on how to do so.

This book will enable you to take responsibility, break culture and religion that put women’s life at risk, break usual habits and patterns that stresses you, and help you can make conscious decision that will impart your generation by breaking the cycle of abuse.

The motivational content will help you Speak Out and Shine develop your confidence, realize your full potential, set, and achieve professional and personal relationship goals. It will help you create a fulfilling life of your choosing. With this book, Buky Orija can help you restart your life through positive energy, personal responsibility and goals. It’s time to take back your life.

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If you are one of the 70% of women world wide who have experimented abuse,
its time to speak out, shine, sparkle and take your life back.

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