Mrs Folake Akinfenwa

As a student, listening to a lecture about life coaching, my life has not been the same since I had the opportunity. The reason being that; 1. I am more aware of who I am now, that i'm a human being on a purpose not just existing. 2. I learnt to take responsibility for my actions. that is, I can be whatever I set my mind out to be without apologising to anyone. 3. Am able to channel my energy better because during the class we learnt about the different types of energies. 4. I no longer bottle my emotions, I can easily express myself in a very polite and clear manner. 5. I have a new outlook on life, I don't let issues that I can't help bother me again. This is my honest view after I attended a 5-hour presentation on life coach by Mrs Orija over the period of a 3-day workshop. With the experience, I am likely to hire as a life coach in future Thank you.